What are some examples of Auburn’s CDBG projects?

    Housing Repair: One of the core programs funded by CDBG is the City’s Housing Repair Program. This program provides eligible homeowners grants up to $7,000 for emergency minor home repairs. Leaky roofs, unsafe stairs, floor repair, access for individuals with disabilities, and heating system repairs are examples of work funded with Minor Housing Repair grants. This program helps Auburn's low-income homeowners preserve and stay in safe and affordable housing. To learn more or apply for services through this program, please visit our website.

    ADA Sidewalk Improvements: Another type of project that is consistently funded is sidewalk ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) improvements. With the support of the City’s Public Works department, projects are chosen each year to support increased safety and accessibility for Auburn residents. Sidewalk projects have historically taken place across the City, though in recent plan years the CDBG program has prioritized low income residential areas to fund these improvements. 

    Public Services: The CDBG program allows grantees to use up to 15% of their funds for “public services” in the community. Every two years, the City accepts applications from nonprofit agencies that provide services to low income Auburn residents, such as healthcare, legal assistance, homelessness prevention or intervention, job training, and more. In 2021, the City has allocated CDBG public service dollars to go towards homelessness prevention, legal assistance, and fair housing supports. You can read more about the specific services in our 2021 Annual Action Plan available on the main project page.